Oct 10 2014

Living Life in the Present

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DSC_8251I just got back from a trip in British Columbia’s wine country, followed up by a party-every-day experience in New Orleans — not that you’d know any of that by following me here or on social media. More than ever, I’m just living life in the present — meaning the best I can give right now is an after-action-report.

Some highlights of the trip now that I’ve got some moments to jot down a few random notes:

    • I have a pretty ideal work-life balance — and since people often travel to Vancouver as a holiday destination, I always think it’s kind of funny when I go away to relax.
    • I do not have a very refined palette when it comes to wine — and I’m OK with that. I can tell a Merlot from a Shiraz, but I have no real sense for why one would drink one over the other at any given time. Pairings elude me. I’m a lot better at figuring out what I like when it comes to beer, as those who know me well can attest.

Trombone - New Orleans, Louisiana

  • Speaking of beer, if you’re down in New Orleans, try any of the Arbita brand of craft beers. You pretty much can’t go wrong. I especially liked the Andygator, but be forewarned, it’s strong stuff.
  • New Orleans isn’t nearly as dangerous as you’ve heard — at least around the French Quarter and the downtown streets next door. When I told people I was going, one of the first things I would invariably hear (from people who had been and folks who were just repeating what they’d heard) is “be careful”. Meh. Use common sense, be alert and don’t head down deserted side streets and you’re probably fine. I see as many sketchy folks on my way to the office every day in Vancouver as I did in Nola.
  • Nola is a word. Huh.


Now I’m back at work in Vancouver — or at least I was until 5 minutes ago. Looks like the Thanksgiving long weekend is coming up soon.

Like I said, nice work-life balance.

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Jul 06 2014

Summertime and the Living is Easy in Vancouver

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Folks who live in Vancouver tend to be here because of the lifestyle.

Enjoying the summer in Vancouver

That’s why I’m here.

Hope you’re having a nice summer too, people.

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Mar 28 2014

It’s After Midnight. Where the Hell Have I Been?

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Has it really been 3 months since my last blog post? Hell, I used to be one of the Vancouver Blogger Meetup organizers. You’d think I’d check in from time to time. I made a commitment to live in the moment a bit more in 2014, instead of reporting in — but I kind of miss these moments.

Big news update coming up in a bit, beyond the usual curatorial listing of my various writings. Stay tuned.

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Dec 25 2013

Merry Christmas

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Enjoy a Christmas classic!

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Dec 23 2013

The Pope Presses the Self-Destruct Button on Religion

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Catholicism, anyway, assuming this MSN News report in the week of Christmas can be believed:

The leader of the world’s 1.2 billion Roman Catholics made his comments in the homily of his morning Mass in his residence, a daily event where he speaks without prepared comments.

He told the story of a Catholic who asked a priest if even atheists had been redeemed by Jesus.

“Even them, everyone,” the pope answered, according to Vatican Radio. “We all have the duty to do good,” he said.

It may seem like a throw-away comment. But his remarks are a startling admission on two counts:

1) You don’t have to believe in God to get your reward — if you even believe in that sort of thing. Be a good person and you’ll be rewarded (though not with heaven, I hope. Seems like an awfully boring place).

Of course, it’s a condescending kind of remark (ie. Even if you don’t think you’re in our Christian club, you are — and you will be redeemed by the Son of God whether you like it or not. You’re welcome to your non-believing delusion, do-gooder atheist person).

2) You don’t have to have faith to do good. Anyone who’s given this a moment’s thought should already know this, but a surprising number of human beings don’t get it. Belief in God doesn’t equal being a good person. Being a good person requires good acts, not prayer. You can help an old lady cross the street, be kind to animals and volunteer at your local hospital without ever giving God or religion a thought. Moral behaviour is a separate thing from religious behaviour.

Well, that’s pretty much the whole ball game. In one fell swoop, the Pope has removed any incentive for anyone Catholic or considering Catholicism to ever spend another second on religion.

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