Sep 03 2006

Another dispatch from the edge

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Welcome to jnarvey.COM.

For those readers that discovered this site via my old website (the awkwardly-named Jonathon Narvey’s COMM CENTRE), thanks for continuing to tune in. As for my new readers, I hope you’ll take the time to subscribe, or at least post a comment. I love feedback.

Here you will find commentaries about current affairs, politics and life in my adopted home town, Vancouver, Canada.

Vancouver is an incredible, beautiful city on Canada‘s left coast. On a cool November day like today, the low clouds coming down off the north shore mountains shroud the water in mist. An observer gazing out on English Bay in the morning might imagine this place being literally at the edge of the world.

Of course, there is a great, wide world out there. The rest of Canada, the US, the nations of the Pacific Rim – this place is a gateway to a lot of other places. And it is as good a place as any to observe and write about what’s happening – right here, or out there.

Thanks for checking in. I’ll be posting some new entries over the next little while. Looking forward to hearing back from the wider world out there.

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