Oct 21 2006

MAWO fights on shaky moral ground

Call it a Mobilization Against Wankers and Obsfucators.

The Georgia Straight recently published an article criticizing the Canadian military’s multicultural-oriented recruitment policy, quoting one of the local propagandists affiliated with Mobilization Against War and Occupation as saying the practice amounted to an “economic draft”. My subsequent letter to the editor can be found here.

Rather than point out once more the dumb ideology and ethically shaky ground that MAWO stands on in its fight against “Canadian racist imperialism” and our biggest security commitment abroad, I’ll let Georgia Straight contributor Terry Glavin do the fighting for me. His article in the same issue stabs right at the organization’s legitemacy (or lack thereof).

Glavin writes: Vancouver’s antiwar activism is moving away from the broad base of support for Canada’s refusal to join the Anglo-American enterprise in Iraq, and it has jettisoned any hope of friendship with Vancouver’s 6,000-member Afghan émigré community.

Glavin also brought up Vancouver City Council’s own Councillor Tim Louis’ tragedy of illogic and inhumanity regarding Afghanistan in his article:

“The government would collapse in a matter of days,” he says. Nevertheless, when asked for his view on the Canadian military presence in Afghanistan, Louis replied: “Out now… I don’t have a coherent argument against the fact that the UN has authorized it (the Afghan mission).…Even if the UN authorized it, it would still be against the rule of law.”

Hmmm. Nice, Tim. I think you could probably have finished your speech at, “I don’t have a coherent argument…”

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