Oct 25 2006

Stem Cell Research: Backing the Future

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Hollywood actors lobbying for a good cause is not something I ordinarily pay attention to or even give them much credit for, for that matter. People who work a few months of a year for insane paychecks ought to be giving back to society anyway, in my book.

But former Vancouverite and Back to the Future star Michael J Fox’s foray into the politicized stem-cell debate in the United States made me sit up and take notice. As most people who grew up watching Family Ties and the Back to the Future movies will already know, Fox has been suffering from Parkinson’s disease for years. He’s managed to cover up the symptoms for years, but on the campaign support ad shown above, he let’s it all out. It’s shocking to see.

I wish Fox, like-minded celebrities, supporters, the scientific community and the legislators that are trying to allow stem-cell research in the US the best of luck. It’s still too early to tell whether stem cell research is a viable path to a cure for Parkinson’s, paralysis and other diseases or just an ethical minefield leading to a dead end; but what is arguably the greatest concentration of scientific minds and resources in the world ought to at least be given the chance to find out.

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