Nov 06 2006

The end of the beginning in Iraq

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Of course Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. America gave them to him.

Throw a rock up in the air around here and it’s bound to land on someone who has taken this cold fact to heart. George Bush Junior would need almost as big a security detail in Vancouver as he would in Baghdad.

Saddam Hussein was today sentenced to hang for crimes he committed as the ruthless dictator of Iraq. I suspect a good number of locals will be reacting to the latest news with little satisfaction, since the real object of their anger remains in the top job in Washington.

Before it started, I supported the invasion of Iraq. I wasn’t completely convinced of the threat of weapons of mass destruction. Oh, I assumed, like Saddam’s own generals, that he had them. But the possibility of Iraq actually firing nuclear weapons on New York city was a stretch.

I supported the invasion because I thought Saddam’s record of war, torture and oppression deserved such a fate. I wasn’t certain that Iraq could ever become a democracy, but I figured at the very least Saddam could be neutralized as an ongoing threat to stability in the region. After making war on its Arab neighbors and funding suicide bombings in Israel, who wasn’t a potential victim?

I suppose it was also easier to support the mission because I doubted my own country would ever take part in it. It’s always easier to make the difficult choice when you’re not really involved.

Now the whole thing’s gone to hell. It’s only a matter of time before the US pulls out and leaves Iraqis to their own bloodbath. It’s hard to remember there was a time of optimism in Iraq when all this began – a time when US forces truly did seem to be greeted as liberators.

The video shown above seems almost like a fake documentary or a clip from an alternate reality. But that’s how it was.

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