Nov 08 2006

A bitch of a complaint

Belinda Stronach defects from the Conservative opposition into Paul Martin’s corrupt Liberal party just in time to give the seedy Grits a little more time to wallow in their own filth (at least until, finally, Canadians did the right thing in the last election).

Canada’s empress-parliamentarian then gets plastered on the front page of every major Canadian daily and news magazine for her affair with married NHL goon Tie Domi. As recently as last week, her only effort at defending her actions was that “problems between Tie and Leanne Domi are not related to me.”

Notice that she doesn’t actually deny that the affair happened. She only claims (based on – um, her opinion) that it didn’t have any negative effect on the marriage.

Because Tie’s marriage was already allegedly in bad shape, that takes all of the moral culpability off of her shoulders. After all, the marriage was doomed. So… Belinda is the real victim, here.

This kind of cynical rationalization surely helps home wreckers like Stronach sleep better at night. It does nothing for her credibility, though.

Nonetheless, BC pundit Norman Spector continues to be taken to task for the audacity of calling a spade a spade – or in this case, calling Stronach a bitch.

“You know, I’m not in politics. I can say it. I think she’s a bitch. It’s as simple as that. And I think that 90 per cent of men would probably say she’s a bitch for the way she’s broken up Tie Domi’s home and the way she dumped Peter MacKay. She is a bitch.”

Nearly a week after Spector made the comment on a radio show, self-appointed Harsh Language commissioner Bill Tieleman was still after the former government minister and ambassador for an apology in his column in the Vancouver edition of 24 Hours.

Spector’s response to the contrived controversy seems fair enough:

“If Ms. Stronach – who quit the Conservatives on the issue of marriage – says she does not date married men, I’ll apologize immediately for suggesting that she does. That said, if that’s all there were, I would not have used the word bitch last week.”

Spector’s smackdown on Stronach wasn’t politically correct. But it might just have been correct.

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