Nov 11 2006

Denise Richards: model, actress, moron

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Normally, I leave the stories of celebrities misbehaving in Hollywood North to the people who actually like to talk about entertainment news.

But the latest on model-actor Denise Richards’ stupidity on a movie set at Richmond’s River Rock Casino just calls out for condemnation from even the unlikeliest corner.

Richards was allegedly bothered by some “paparazzi” (those media types who generate all the buzz that helps keep Hollywood’s royalty in the public spotlight so the paychecks keep rolling in). A normal person would just go over and talk to them and ask them to stop what they were doing (apparently, their jobs). But since Richards is a celebrity, she didn’t even have to do that. A word to security and those guys would have been taken care of faster than you can say, um, paparazzi.

Instead, Richards grabbed the freelance photographers’ laptop computers and hurled them from a balconey to the crowded floor below, with predictable results. It’s a miracle that the elderly women the laptops hit didn’t end up with cracked skulls.

Her publicist’s latest statement: “Based on the actions of the paparazzi they are lucky their laptops were the only things that were thrown off the ledge.”

If I tried something like this, I’d be expecting some serious jail time, in addition to the beating administered to me by security at the casino. But in this episode of lifestyles of the rich and stupid, I don’t expect Richards to see the inside of a cell.

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