Nov 15 2006

And you thought US politics was wacky

Politics in Canada is weird.

There was this little piece in the news today about a Conservative MP from Toronto, Garth Turner, going independent. That’s not so odd. We just had a Vancouver Liberal MP shift chameleon-like into a Conservative cabinet minister not that long ago.

But then I looked at the new breakdown of the parties in ther 308-seat House of Commons. Interesting stuff: Conservatives 124, Liberals 101, Bloc Quebecois 50, New Democratic Party 29. There are two independents and two vacant seats.

How many other countries can boast 50 legislators whose raison d’etre is the breakup of the country? I guess the only nice thing one can say is that at least our socialists have only about half as many seats as the Bloc.

The word on the street (and according to a never-ending stream of polls) is that these numbers wouldn’t change at all if an election were held tomorrow. Evidently, this status quo works for us. At least it’s better than the example just shown in the US, which just traded one red party for a blue one, with no other real distinguishing features worth mentioning.

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