Nov 26 2006

Who are the bad guys, again?

Another rally for peace, another chance missed.

Vancouver’s antiwar movement once more disgraced itself today, coming together under the ageis of Mobilization Against War and Occupation at its usual weekend spot in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery.

Protesting against the UN mission in Afghanistan or injustice in the Middle East is one thing. But to do so again and again without also condemning the war machines and human-rights trampling regimes outside the West is perverse.

It would be one thing to say that since the Taliban, Sudanese and Syrian authorities, for example, wouldn’t be moved by protest anyway, since they aren’t democratic. The problem is that members of our local antiwar movement are so co-opted by apologists for dictators, thugs and religious extremists that they can’t be bothered to justify themselves with such philosophy.

Someone who wants to fight for peace shouldn’t have to share common cause with nihilists and cynics.

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