Nov 27 2006

You say nation, I say nation

So, the Quebecois are going to be recognized as a nation within Canada.

That’s nice. We were already doing that, but if French Canadians really need outside validation of their existence, here goes… you exist. Happy?

That’s odd. No response, aside from Gilles Duceppe, who changed his mind three times in three days about whether to even support Stephen Harper’s bill. Were they even listening?

The latest pronouncement regarding the people of Quebec are certainly drawing stares and nervous looks from the rest of Canada. Everyone is keeping their fingers crossed that this doesn’t mean another refferendum is waiting in the wings. Fortunately, Stephen Harper’s timely counter to a Bloc Quebecois political thrust seems to have, if anything, made such a refferendum less likely.

Nonetheless, it’s at times like these that I’m happy I live in a corner of the country that would be least affected by the odd volkish shenanigans back east. BC would still be in a good position as a North American gateway to the Pacific Rim. In contrast to the cod fishermen and seal clubbers of the other coast, we’ve actually got something to offer in the event of a massive political-economic shakeup.

Not only that, but we’ve got a pretty unique society ourselves out here. One could even call it “distinct”.

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