Nov 28 2006

Nice weather we’re having

Welcome to Vancouver, where the weather is mild, the people are warm and the water is… drinkable.

Actually, those first two claims are losing their credibility to this unseasonable deep freeze and the last one is only valid since this morning’s cancellation of a week-long boil-water advisory. At least the cold weather has managed to do something about the turbidity of our water supply.

Power outages are leaving many local residents on the outskirts without the necessities of modern life. Public transit have ground to a slippery stagger. Airplanes are stuck on the ground. All the while, those bastards in Toronto who should be knee-deep in snow by now are expecting cool summer temperatures by Thursday.

It doesn’t take long for a little bad weather to really mess things up around here. Even with the best technology and infrastructure modern countries can get ahold of, we’re still at the mercy of our happily moody weather.

It really is an inconvenient truth.

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