Dec 14 2006

The Walt Disney-Zionist conspiracy

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Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s asinine conference on Holocaust denial (which oddly featured a number of white supremacists hanging out ammicably with their gracious Persian hosts) is just the latest in a string of stunts confirming Iran as the greatest contender for the 2007 civilized-country look-alike-contest (Russia is said to be a strong runner-up).

He pulled out all the stops, ensuring that Ultra-Orthodox Jews in their black hats and long curly locks got plenty of face time in front of the camera.

Still, no one could say they were really surprised by it – not least since Ahmadinejad has been plugging the event for months, interspersed with announcements that the UN member state of Israel will be destroyed at some point in the near future.

What else should people expect from a country where people are fed news straight up that the Walt Disney corporation is just another Zionist-controlled entity in a global conspiracy for world domination?

I’d like to think that people in this part of the world would have enough distance and perspective to see that Ahmadinejad’s agenda isn’t on the side of good. Sadly, one Canadian university professor from the east coast and a horde of anti-establishment stooges here on the west coast refute that optimistic view.

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