Dec 15 2006

Spying on ourselves: security trumps privacy

The poll results are in and surprise, surprise – Vancouverites are more concerned about deterring thugs from our streets than making sure nobody catches them picking their nose while hailing a cab.

Almost 80 per cent of respondents to a Strategic Communications poll say that they would support video surveillance in public places. Was anyone really that surprised?

Goons on Granville are picking fights with innocent bystanders, people are getting stabbed near the Skytrain stations and idiots with more ammunition than brains are turning our entertainment districts into shooting galleries. Cameras won’t prevent crimes in progress, but they might just help the cops get a closer, freeze-frame look at the bad guys, leading to an arrest. If the city isn’t willing to pay for extra cops on the street, the least it can do is give the cops more tools to do their jobs.

Of course, there are some locals with some very strong opposing opinions about this, trotting out the usual arguments about police overreach and the erosion of our civil rights. I just happen to think they’re wrong. Looks like most locals are on my side, though – at least according to the latest poll.

Check in again next month.

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