Dec 16 2006

The end of days in Vancouver

Canadians are known for their ability to endure inhospitable weather, but Vancouverites are definitely the exception to the rule.

Just a few weeks of snow and hail, unseasonably low temperatures and hurricane-force winds have left the citizenry jittery and a lot more reliant on candles and bottled water than we’d like to be.

At least the boil-water advisory isn’t back (yet), but the windstorm last night that woke half the city around 3:30 am caused so much damage that we can’t even walk on our streets without fear of getting knocked cold by a falling branch. The jewel of the city, Stanley Park has become a no-go zone. In the bigger picture, a million BC residents are without power tonight as the temperature nears freezing; this, after multiple power outages already from our freak weather.

Weeks of unending rain and overcast skies are one thing. We can take that. No Internet? No television? No heat? This is not good.

Happy holidays, everyone.

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