Dec 20 2006

Canada’s gun laws are just fine, thanks

It’s not impossible for someone to buy a gun legally in Canada – just inconvenient.

Fortunately, the inconvenience of a having to undergo a thorough background check and 28-day waiting period and take a firearms safety course has deterred most Canadians from even bothering to try.

Gun laws in this country once again came under scrutiny (well, discussion, anyway) when Vancouver school board trustee Sharon Gregson ended up on the cover of the National Firearms Journal. Some other trustees took offense.

Gregson has a right to her opinion. For self-defense, there may be no better thing to have in your hand than a loaded gun, assuming you know how to use it and have no compunction about using lethal force on the threat.

The only problem is that for the 99.999999999 per cent of the time when crack-heads aren’t trying to break down your door, that firearm can pose a threat of accidental harm on yourself or your loved ones.

But the main thing is that I wouldn’t trust most of my family members with a loaded gun, much less the majority of Canadians.

Canada’s gun laws are terribly inconvenient. They also save lives.

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