Dec 26 2006

jnarvey.COM 2006 in review

Vancouver real estate, Canada’s mission in Afghanistan, the rise of Stephen Harper’s radical centrist Conservative party, trading and baiting with China, environmentalists up in arms… It’s only been a few months since the switch over from the old site, but jnarvey.COM has covered a lot of ground this season.

Enjoy the end of year celebration. With 2010 Vancouver Olympics preparations ongoing, a federal election in the offing, and nations picking fights in far too many parts of the world, 2007 promises to be a busy year. Thanks for reading.

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One Response to “jnarvey.COM 2006 in review”

  1. on 26 Dec 2006 at 1:45 pm

    What a beautiful skyline, especially what seems the tallest one.

    Watching the sunlight ignite them in the dawns early light must be magnificant to behold, a true gift from the heavens those magnificant buildings reach out to each morning for all who reside there.

    Thanks for sharing such a powerful portrayal of your city, makes me wish I could be there with my naked eye to properly do a sunrise or two.

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