Dec 27 2006

Canada’s opportunity in Asia

Canada’s future lies with Asia. Once again, we’re reminded that Vancouver is our northern nation’s gateway to the Pacific Rim.

Our national economy could get a $230 billion boost by 2020, with half a million new jobs to go along with that, a new BC government study says. All we have to do is put the (huge sum of) money into port and freight infrastructure so we can handle all the traffic.

We’re likely to see lots of articles on this topic over 2007. The feds have put aside $590 million for the Pacific Gateway project, with more boatloads of cash on the way.

Let’s just hope that by 2020, our trading partners on the other side of the big pond are as interested in being respectable business partners as well as making a pile of money. The latest on China as of this morning is that 41,500 organ transplants are unaccounted for, between 2001 and 2006. The allegations are still flying that China has transformed its gulag archipelago into an organ-harvesting plant, with Falun Gong practitioners and political prisoners providing the raw materials for the lucrative trade.

By all means, let’s trade with the world and get rich. Even better would be to get rich without having to deal with a country where Googling “human rights” and “democracy” gets you put on a watchlist.

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