Dec 29 2006

Spies like us

A Russian spy is nabbed by our own security services in Montreal, with three passports, three cellphones, five currencies and a bad attitude (Story here). It turns out, he’s been here for 10 years already, up to nothing good, no doubt.

No time in the clink for this spook, though. We’re deporting Paul William Hampel (well, that’s the name we have, anyway, Mr. Spy Guy) straight back to Mother Russia.

With the recent poisoning of Russian spy Victor Litvinenko in London, likely ordered by the Kremlin and carried out by the same organization Litvinenko left, Vladimir Putin’s Russia seems to have evolved into the Soviet Union 2.0.

So why did we go so easy on Hampel by deporting him? The only reason I can think of is that Moscow might have a wayward CSIS agent to trade. Otherwise, we should have at least held on to the guy until we knew his real name.

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