Jan 03 2007

This is not exactly the kind of UN intervention in Sudan we were hoping for, George Clooney

United Nations soldiers are raping and abusing children in south Sudan.

This kind of atrocity is just the icing on the cake for refugees of genocide in the Darfur region. It’s also par for the course for the United Nations, which lists upstanding human rights defenders like China, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Russia and Cuba on its Human Rights Council (Sudan actually won membership in an uncontested election to its precursor, the United Nations Commission on Human Rights, while still in the midst of its ethnic cleansing campaign).

Hopefully, this news (which is not really “news”, since reports about UN soldiers abusing the people they’re supposed to be protecting – and then trying to cover it up – have been circulating for years) won’t dampen people’s efforts to get a more responsible and effective intervention into Sudan.

Hats off to you, George Clooney, using that Hollywood clout for a good cause.

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