Jan 10 2007

Stanley Park will rise again

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The wind is rushing outside my window at nearly 100 km an hour – just the latest unseasonable windstorm that has torn Stanley Park up by the roots in the last couple of weeks.

The jewel of Vancouver is looking more like a logging camp than a public park these days. We’re still not sure if federal funding is going to come through to reforest the area.

Hopefully, no public money going towards replanting and setting reinforcements for the trees that have survived.

The people tallying up the damage are saying it could cost $4 million to repair the park. I have no problem with repairing the seawall, but the trees themselves? There’s probably 997,000 or so left after all the freak weather.

There’s no guarantee that another storm this year or next won’t just tear down the work we do now. Trees fall down in forests all the time. The forest itself will survive, without our help.

When there are hundreds of people shivering on the Vancouver streets tonight because there aren’t enough spaces at the shelters, now is not the time to give an emergency handout to the parks board.

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