Jan 14 2007

Saddam is dead. Get out of Iraq, now.

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George Bush Jr. seems to have lost all grip on reality, Then again, perhaps it’s just his sense of hearing.

Criticizing the critics of his “new” surge strategy for Iraq, he and former presidential hopeful, now self-sabotaged fellow Republican John McCain are asking the opposition pundits what their plan is.

Perhaps they haven’t been listening. Get the troops out now. That’s been the critics’ plan from day one. It wasn’t a good option four years ago.

A lot can change in four years.

Notwithstanding some local Vancouver pundits’ assertion that Saddam Hussein’s hanging was unjust (question: who really, really cares if it was all completely by the book?), the tyrant is dead. That should have given Bush an out. Instead, the date came and went and now it’s just another day in a very bad couple of years.

Yes, the security situation will probably get worse if they pull out. The country could be mired in violence and chaos for decades. Millions could die.

But after four years of war, it’s clear what the trend is going towards. Keeping US forces in Iraq is just postponing the inevitable.

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