Jan 17 2007

Number one election issue: the environment?

When the biggest issue facing the ruling party in Canada is the environment, things must be going pretty well.

Conservative Party candidates will be attending an election training school in March (where they’ll be learning what, exactly? How to avoid gaining weight from all the pancake breakfasts and fundraising dinners?). It remains to be seen whether they’ll need any refresher course.

Liberal leader Stephane Dion says balancing the budget will be a big priority. News flash: we’ve had billion dollar budget surpluses for about a decade now and that has continued under the Tories.

Meanwhile, Dion’s party is once again raising the spectre of Canada not meeting it’s Kyoto commitments with Stephen Harper in power, conveniently forgetting that Canada’s carbon emmissions went up 30 per cent under Martin’s Liberals – to the point that meeting our targets this year would involve completely shutting down Ontario for the foreseeable future.

Dion’s environmental agenda also ignores Harper’s new promise to unveil plans obliging companies to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by 2015. Dion calls it opportunism, which it assuredly is, but no social benefit ever got passed by our parliament that didn’t meet the criteria of political expediency.

The economy is humming and life in Canada is pretty uneventful aside from our freak weather. If Kyoto is the only stick Dion has to wield against the Harperites, he’s likely to get smoked.

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