Jan 19 2007

The Zionist conspiracy and Indymedia

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“The Zionists, it seems, are infatuated with blood.”

That’s the first line from a post on Vancouver Indymedia entitled Zionists and Blood. The full text of the post reads as follows:

“The zionists, it seems, are infatuated with blood. Tainted blood, that is, which they make to spread among large groups of the population of the world. These children are just the latest victims to be discovered, they are the recipients of this latest poisoned gift of the zionists”

It’s strange that the post is even available, since the volunteers who maintain Vancouver Indymedia wrote the following:

But, from this point forward, any anti-semitic trash or conspiracy theories in general will be deleted forthwith. Nobody has ever posted such a thing yet, and I hope they never do. But I will hit the delete button just as fast as I advocate others should do.

That’s odd. The post that nobody had ever posted and was supposed to be deleted just as fast as humanly possible is still there now. There are still a lot of posts with similar-themed content like this one. Or this one.

This, despite Indymedia’s announcement that their Winnipeg Indymedia branch has shut down, at least in part because of unrelenting commentary by anti-Semites and conspiracy theorists. It’s not really spam, as claimed in the Winnipeg announcement article, since such comments are in the main posts on the site, not merely in the comments. The Winnipeg site is merely the latest that has shut down for this cause.

The people at Vancouver Indymedia are trying to offer a provocative, revolutionary alternative to news provided by our main media conglomerates. Such enterprises almost invariably end up being hijacked by anti-Semites and the rest of the lunatic fringe.

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