Feb 04 2007

Peace? Oh right. Yeah, not happening

The latest suicide bombing in Baghdad only reminds us (as if we needed a reminder since, um, the day before) that peace will not be coming to the Middle East soon. In fact, it’s probably not coming, ever.

It’s probably hard for most Canadians to truly understand what is going on in that dusty part of the world. If the USA ever invaded Canada, it’s unlikely that we would express our hatred of the invader by targeting Kitsilano High School students with mortar fire or sending trucks filled with ammonium nitrate into Granville Island.

The Middle East is a different kind of place. As Forest Gump once said of another nation that had the bad luck to attract the attention of the Pentagon, “It’s this whole other country.”

Militants and fanatics in the Middle East have demonstrated time and again that they can literally explode any semblance of security in the time it takes to click a detonator with one’s thumb.

Given the number of failed and failing states in the region, and the growing number of men (and the odd grandmother) from the tip of North Africa to the steppes of Central Asia willing to blow themselves up for the cause, it seems unlikely that this will decrease. In my lifetime at least, the mathematics seem to indicate the opposite.

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