Feb 05 2007

Vancouver Indymedia is down, but not out

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“Vancouver Indymedia is currently offline while we reorganize in order to operate within our mandate. Hopefully we will be back shortly with a new look, editorial policy and committed collective.”

Barely two weeks after Vancouver Indymedia’s moderators admitted that the problem of conspiracy whackos and hate-spewing lunatic commentators had reached unmanageable proportions (as described here), the site has been taken offline. This is just the latest shutdown that the Indymedia sites have had to endure. It seems the whole network of sites is doing some soul searching to come up with a solution.

Sadly, the realities of anarchist online publishing have caught up with their principles: when you promote the posting of revolutionary protest provocations without any editorial oversight to garner more eyeballs on your publication, you get… wingnuts.

Even anarchists need some rules, evidently. One hopes Vancouver Indymedia returns soon. Without independent voices, the dialogue between right and left can only be as loud as one hand clapping.

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