Feb 09 2007

Quebec separatism is racism

A Quebec journalist’s overnight jump into the arms of the Parti Quebecois is feeding speculation about journalistic integrity and media bias.

Whether former Radio-Canada reporter Bernard Drainville was objective in his coverage of Quebec society, or slanted towards separatists, doesn’t really matter in the big picture, though. The main question is why Quebec separatists are allowed to even have political representation in the form of the Bloc and Parti Quebecois.

If home-grown neo-nazis ever magically morphed into a successful mainstream political party representing a white, Anglo-Saxon homeland in rural BC and Alberta, most Canadians outside of that area would rightly condemn it. The international community would have a fit.

Of course, such a scenario is only possible in fiction – and badly written fiction, at that. But in Quebec, a political movement that is essentially run on the same principle of volkish nationalism is seen as politically legitemate. Quebec separatist politicians not only get the respect of their constituents – their paychecks are funded by Canadian taxpayers.

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7 Responses to “Quebec separatism is racism”

  1. on 28 Feb 2007 at 3:38 am

    I think your posting is highly biased. Have you ever lived in Québec? Are you aware of the reasons why there is a law 101? Do you know ANYTHING at all about the Quiet Revolution? Weird to read something like this from a pseudo-journalist from BC!

    Maybe I do not get your message! But, hey, I am a francophone…

  2. on 28 Feb 2007 at 3:48 am

    As a true British Columbian, living in la belle province….Quèbec…in case you are not aware…..I am flabergasted at your utter lack of knowledge on the political situation. Firsty…….the Bloc Quèbecois and the Parti Quèbecois are “allowed” to have political representation because we are all fortunate to live in the same country……my country….your country……my francophone husband’s country…..C A N A D A!!!!! Yes, Canada…otherwise known as a DEMOCRACY!!!!!

    Just fyi…..I am not a separatist…..I do not believe in separation…….I do not support either the Bloc or the PQ…..but I DO support their right to have the right to represent their constituents.

    Contrary to what has been mentioned in the national papers lately…..and I assure you….Quèbec is one of the most racially, ethnically and culturally diverse provinces in our country. I have NEVER…..not once seen any sort of racial discrimination in the 6 years that I have lived here. Quèbec separatism….has NOTHING to do with racism!!! Bonne journèe!

  3. on 28 Feb 2007 at 4:13 am

    dominic b., to answer your questions in order…
    1. No, I’ve never had the pleasure.
    2. Yes, and I think those reasons are bunk.
    3. Yes, quite a bit, thanks. We do have public schools, libraries and Internet access out West.
    Frankly, I’m uncomfortable with your insinuation that because I don’t live in the province in question, I’m not qualified to comment on it. I am an educated Canadian with a blog. That gives me all the means, motive and opportunity I need to comment on the peculiarities of Quebec society.

  4. on 28 Feb 2007 at 4:20 am

    Anonymous, I’m not sure if it’s occurred to you, but democracies are not “anything goes” kinds of places.

    Democratic countries are ideal political units, but still essentially artificial constructs, and their citizens have a stake in making sure that construct benefits all citizens. As such, democracies (in the real world, anyway) have the right to limit political movements that pose a threat to them. It’s perfectly reasonable (and legal) for Canada to outlaw any political party that endeavors for the country’s speedy demise.

  5. on 28 Feb 2007 at 4:05 pm

    I think you truly do not understand the facts underlying law 101. Let me start by saying this (in case you wonder): I am NOT a separatist! I totally dig this coutry called Canada.

    BUT…In the 30’s up to the 70’s english language was prevalent in the streets of Montréal. Not just in the streets, in businesses…everywhere. There was a francophone majority but english was THE language. The francophones were, in their own province, the poorest because businesses were owned by the english establishment (not that there is anything wrong with the anglophones). French is still there today and doing well because people decided that this language was worth it. Language and culture are really related, more than people think…although there is a lot of people in this country, people like you, that NEVER visited Québec to truly understand what it is all about. I am not saying we are better, I am not saying that there are no other cultural issues in this country (the aboriginals being a very strong and varied culture – I am proud of them).

    I think some people are pissed off with law 101 because they see it as a tool to separate the country. I see it, and others do, as a tool to unite it. Because in Québec french is stronger, people feel less threatened. On the other hand, is law 101 going overboard sometimes? YES absolutely and I do not always agree with it.

    I never meant to insult you in any way by asking you if you knew what the Quiet Revolution was all about…but many times, when people bash on Québec, it’s mostly due to a lack of understanding! In your case, because you have opinions, because you are educated, because we live in the SAME country…I just thought you could revisit what you know about Québec.

    If you ever come on this side of the country, send me an email. I invite you at my place and I will show you Montréal, Québec city and whatever you have time for!

    Best regards,


    ps. The Bloc and PQ are political entities that have a right to be there, we do not live in Iran…and YES this is part of democracy! to my opinion, limiting their right to unite as a party would be nothing less than dictatorship!

  6. on 28 Feb 2007 at 4:35 pm

    Dominic B.,
    Thanks for your comments. I’m afraid I remain unconvinced about the ongoing need for legislation like Bill 101 and for separatist political parties in Canada. Thanks for the invite, though. I may take you up on it some day.

  7. on 03 Apr 2007 at 1:02 am

    Quiet Revolution depends on which side of the bombings you stood on. The hypocrites that indulge on the French Right Wing “Pure Wool” Charisma and Democratic Quiet Revolution, have failed in their history classes, because they were either too young to understand what was happening or too busy planting booby trapped explosives in English neighborhood schools, and mail boxes, and businesses. No, not all French Qeubeckers used the terror tactics of the FLQ, but all of the FLQ Cuban exiled murderers returned to Quebec and joined the “pure wool” PQ’s right in the late 70’s. That is the democratic process the separatist would have you soon forget. But if you lived in Westmount in the late 60’s, like most Anglophone’s and Jew’s did, the bomb blasts still ring quite clearly, the blood and cold blooded killings of innocent people, still live vividly in their dreams. The Anglo communities left Montreal in groves in the late 60’s and 70’s, to the tune of about 1 million innocent citizens, that did not want to embark into a bloody civil war. They left a financial void behind them that would dwarf a black hole. Quebec fell into a financial abyss for 25 years, until Quebec’s Montreal re-emerged from being the Canadian Financial Capital, to Canada’s Province in need of Handouts. Oh but more to come…. As American Corporation now commenced their penetration of the Quebec so called “FREE” Market, the bombs returned, seven McDonalds and 3 Second Cup outlets from 1999 to 2001, by the same ex-FLQ members that were set free by the PQ government. Thank God English Canadians are better than that, because the last time I checked, Quebec’s jewel called Bombardier was failing because of the French administration and not English “quiet revolution” bombs. Maybe a few more bombs and racial discrimination will give the “pure wool” Quebeckers their “Winning” democratic conditions. Minority groups now only represent less than 17% of Quebec’s pure wool population, yet the demographics of the police force, government and municipal employees don’t even come close to 2%. How’s that for your Quebec democracy. Please don’t shoot the Anglo-Quebecker messenger, the facts are available on the internet, for all of Canada to remember. My father’s only crime was being an Anglo-Montrealer and owning a manufacturing plant. For that he was rewarded with death threats for bringing jobs to Quebec. And the government rewarded him with an Anglo-Tax for refusing to take up arms. You can’t handle the truth…..

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