Feb 20 2007

You don’t have to live like a refugee

Iranian refugee Amir Kazemian gets to stay in Canada on on humanitarian and compassionate grounds. What took so long?

This should have been a no-brainer. A man arrives in Canada from a country where they torture people who are even distantly suspected of disloyalty against the religious thugocracy. He claims, not all that surprisingly, that he has been a victim of such medieval treatment. We accept his mother as a political refugee, but we tell him that he has to go back…

So he holes up in a church in Vancouver. In a sequence of events taken from an as-yet unwritten dark comedy, he finds himself arrested… after three years of fruitless waiting. On the eve of his deportation, Canadian officials tell him he can stay. Clearly, he can’t have been a security threat, since they were able to make a final decision on his status virtually on the spot when finally forced to.

Three years is a long time to spend in limbo.

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