Feb 22 2007

Say no to separatist jackasses

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Canada needs to outlaw the Parti Quebecois.

Yes, that would be bad for political freedom in Quebec and Canada. But the status quo is an even worse infringement on political freedom in that province.

Instead of arguing over health care, housing or the environment – issues that matter to Canadians from coast to coast – Quebecers are invariably forced in provincial elections to vote on the issue of whether they want to stay in the country. It’s going to happen again on March 26.

It’s not that Quebecers don’t get to discuss the issues, but that all of them are ultimately subordinated to national unity/breakup when election time comes around. As such, one never really knows whether their elected officials got reelected (or booted) over financial management or social priorities, or if it was because of their efforts to keep the province in the federation (or vise versa). This is bad for democracy.

Canadian unity politicians who haven’t done anything to change this situation know this, and they must also know that it’s a huge gamble to keep doing nothing. The Liberals may very well with this election, or the next one… but what about the one after, or the one after that? Quebec sovereignty has been an issue for over three centuries, and a serious threat to Canada for over three decades. It’s not going to go away.

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One Response to “Say no to separatist jackasses”

  1. on 24 Feb 2007 at 5:05 am

    Outlawing the PQ is not a good idea.

    Federalism is not so delicate as to need such ham-handed protection from its own citizens (who are, after all, the only members the PQ has).

    Besides, the only success the PQ has had politically has come from simply governing. When the referenda have failed, it has cost them badly.

    If Quebecers didn’t think this was worth voting for, the party would disappear.

    Then again, if I was PM and there was another referendum, I’d probably intervene with a governmental ad campaign on the theme “We double-dog dare you!”

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