Mar 02 2007

Go green. Go nuclear

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Nuclear energy good, nukes bad.

Given the rising panic over global warming, that really ought to be a simple message to get across. The more nuclear reactors we build, the fewer carbon-pumping coal plants we’ll have to keep running. That could mean the difference between visiting Shanghai fifty years from now and swimming in it.

Canada is looking at building its first nuclear reactors in a quarter century. This is good news for those who want to keep their electricity bills down and have an ample supply of power for our use and export. We’d also be pumping less carbon into the atmosphere.

British Columbia just committed to becoming energy self-sufficient by 2016 and cutting greenhouse gas emissions 33 per cent by 2020. Unfortunately, provincial officials also ruled out nuclear power for helping to achieve those goals. That combination of announcements has the potential of making laudable goals laughable.

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