Mar 03 2007

West Side Tory, we hardly knew ye

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As regular readers of this site will notice, West Side Tory is no more. “Currents” is the new title for this collection of intelligent observations by yours truly.

Why the name change? Mostly, it had to do with alienating readership and clients from the 63 per cent of Canadians who seem to equate uber-Tory Stephen Harper with Faust.

My politics are firmly in the Conservative camp right now and will stay that way as long as I believe that Harper and his ilk are on the side of the good. Indeed, I fully expect to work for my local Conservative candidate in the coming federal election.

But that affiliation isn’t burned into my DNA. I couldn’t in good conscience represent myself as a true-blue partisan when my politics could very well change just a few elections hence.

That said, I think West Side Tory is a fine name for a blogger with a little more partisanship in their heart and a rough geographic proximity to Vancouver Island. I hereby relinquish any connection to the West Side Tory name. Hopefully, someone a little more hard-core Conservative will come along, use it and make a million bucks off website advertising. Cheers.

My other reason for the change? As you can see from the Youtube video above, Max Power was already taken. Damn those TV writers.

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2 Responses to “West Side Tory, we hardly knew ye”

  1. on 03 Mar 2007 at 7:46 pm

    Currents? Good luck with the name change. I trust your noble content will overcome your anodyne branding.

  2. on 03 Mar 2007 at 8:40 pm

    Ryan, thanks for your support. I actually had to look up “anodyne” in “Soothing to the mind or feelings.”

    Sorry I didn’t go along with your previous suggestions for the name change, but you did put in a fine effort. There’s still a beverage in it for you at the next meetup. Keep in touch.

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