Mar 04 2007

That’s the weather. Next up, terrorist attacks.

You know our civilization is in trouble when the news category of Terrorist Attacks comes right after World news and before Election news (That’s odd. Did I miss something, or has there not yet been an election called in Canada?).

The Metro is one of those freely-distributed tabloid newspapers widely read in Canada’s major cities, including Vancouver. It’s a good read for those who like their news digesible over the course of a single cup of coffee.

But their editorial management has got to be questioned here. Are there really enough terrorist attacks going on in the world today to justify an entire news section? According to their own website, nope.

The stories in the section today are as follows:

Notice that of the stories here, only two of the six (“3 killed, 33 wounded in Afghanistan violence” and the millennium bomber story) are actually about terrorist attacks.

Perhaps the Metro could do with a Sports roundup instead.

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