Mar 18 2007

Catch 22 for immigrants to Canada

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Canada’s a great country to live in, if you can get here.

Some recent high profile cases have highlighted the difficulties immigrants are facing on their long and dangerous journeys to the New World.

There’s the case of Zahra Kamalfar and her two children, forced to live at the Sheremetyevo International Airport in Moscow since May 2006. Tom Hanks starred in the Terminal in 2004, but this family had to endure a reality (no TV) version of the insanity of a bureaucratic snafu that left them without a country – or showers, beds, or a steady supply of the necessities of life – for ten months.

Then there’s the case of Iranian refugee Amir Kazemian. He actually made it into Canada, but placed himself under virtual house arrest in a church for nearly three years while his refugee claim was appealed. The Canadian government gave him a last minute reprieve when he was arrested and let him stay. Still, some violent criminals get shorter sentences than this guy had.

You’d think that 500 years after the first European landings on this continent, we’d have a more streamlined method of taking in legitimate immigrants who come here for a better life.

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