Mar 21 2007

Seals are cute AND delicious

Canada’s seal hunt is once again generating some bad press for our otherwise inspiring nation. Animal activists and environmentalists will go head to head with Inuit hunters demanding their traditional hunting rights and residents of a depressed province trying to earn an honest buck.

If seals weren’t so darn cute, this wouldn’t be such an issue. We cull about 300,000 of the critters a year. Newfoundland’s fisheries minister notes that Germany hunts 1.2 million deer and over 500,000 wild boars a year, without any international condemnation. Hundreds of millions of fish are harvested from our oceans every year.

PETA’s protestations notwithstanding, much of the human species depends on readily available animal protein and products to live. Besides, we have international laws to protect endangered species.

The seal isn’t actually designated as endangered. Until such a time as that designation is given, seals are fair game.

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One Response to “Seals are cute AND delicious”

  1. on 05 Apr 2007 at 10:54 pm

    My roommate is from Newfoundland and he says that the seal population has been increasing over the past few years even with the yearly seal hunt.

    I don’t believe that this should be such a big problem. We raise minks just for there coats and there kept in small cages all there life….

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