Apr 14 2007

Kevin Potvin, Green Party stooge for Osama

Standing up for planet Earth and cheering the mass-murder of human beings aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive positions, but it’s a tricky balancing act for a Canadian federal political candidate.

Federal Green candidate for Vancouver-Kingsway Kevin Potvin has been outed as a stooge for Al Queda by Public Eye Online. The founder of the local socialist rag, the Republic of East Vancouver, wrote in an editorial in 2002 that he felt pretty darn good as hijacked planes slammed into the World Trade Centre on 9/11.

Potvin wrote: “When I saw the first tower cascade down into that enormous plume of dust and paper, there was a little voice inside me that said, “Yeah!” When the second tower came down the same way, that little voice said, “Beautiful!” When the visage of the Pentagon appeared on the TV with a gaping and smoking hole in its side, that little voice had nearly taken me over, and I felt an urge to pump my fist in the air.”

The editorial goes on in this vein. “Nor was I alone, I know for a fact, whenever I passed a TV or newspaper with a report on the ensuing US war to capture Osama bin Laden, and I secretly said to myself, “Go, Osama, Go!” I am happy he has eluded capture by the Americans.”

Asked to explain his comments this week, Potvin at least has the decency to remain consistent in his slimy views: “I guess I could do the slippery thing and say I’ll go home and read it. Or I could also give you a wishy-washy answer. But, listen man, I’ve got to be honest with you. I totally endorse that.”

Nobody screens Canadian political candidates to ensure that they don’t hold views sympathizing with the enemies of civilization. Who knew one would ever need to?

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