Apr 19 2007

The Virginia Tech Shooting: a lesson in grace, tolerance and forgiveness

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“To be honest, it makes me a little ashamed to be Korean. The whole nation feels terrible for what happened.”

My South Korean international students didn’t hold back as they gave their opinion of the news from Virginia of a Korean student who shot at least thirty people on an American campus.

Meanwhile, South Korean President Roh Moo-hyun expressed his condolences to the families of the victims, describing it as an unbelievable incident.

Undoubtedly, their sorrow is sincere. Of course, Koreans or Asians in general need not fear any sort of ill will or reprisals against their citizens traveling in North America or immigrants who have already settled here. No sane person would ever condemn an entire nation for the acts of a madman.

And of course, no one will assume that just because Cho Seung-Hui compared himself to Jesus and called his acts a martyrdom that this shows that Christians are fanatical killers.

But for those who believe that much of American society is fundamentally and unredeemably intolerant and institutionally racist, one has only to compare the actual reaction in the USA to this massacre, and the predicted reaction if the roles were reversed, in South Korea or virtually any country in the world.

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