Apr 25 2007

Canada’s loyal opposition stabs the world in the back

Canada’s parliament has narrowly voted down a Liberal proposal to set a firm date for a pullout from Afghanistan, only because the NDP thinks that two years from now isn’t soon enough.

Canada’s opposition parties are in a hurry to get our troops out of harms way and replaced by forces from other NATO nations. It’s fair enough to reject an open-ended commitment to Afghanistan with no strings attached.

But one wonders whether they would really feel all that terrible if no other NATO ally stepped up to the plate and Afghanistan descended into the same kind of chaos that birthed the Taliban regime in the first place.

Instead of arbitrary deadlines, the opposition might instead at least propose benchmarks for Canadians and our NATO allies to measure success and logically determine the prospects for a continuing mission. But for now, all we can see from Stephane Dion’s Liberals is unrealistic and cynical foreign policy on the fly and from the NDP, the appeasement of civilization’s enemies.

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One Response to “Canada’s loyal opposition stabs the world in the back”

  1. on 25 Apr 2007 at 6:31 pm

    The NDP used a Sharia Law Orthodox Muslim female to run in Ottawa area to win the Anti-West/Israel riding which was a big Muslim/Arab voter pool , that’s right folks ….. the Pro-Abortion/Gay marriage/womens rights/Charter of Rights NDP almost put a Sunni-Muslim in Parliament that supported Hamas and Hezbollah and was Pro-Life/anti-homosexual/Shariah law in Canada and a Husband that was a Draft-Dodger from Syria that applied for a gun permit just after the Montreal massacre by a Muslim on a Jihad suicide mission for Allah.

    The NDP and CUPE will not , nor have boycotted or condemned Syria or Cuba even thought the NDP admits Syria tortured a Canadian and Cuba jails homosexuals in the guise of AIDS treatment Isolation .
    When William Sampson was falsely jailed in Saudi Arabia and Bill Graham did admit Sampson was being Tortured but it was better than upseting the Royal Family who wanted to Behead him in public for Insulting Islam and Muhammed .

    The NDP is friendly with CAIR which is a Saudi funded Whahabi based Islamic Org. and Sheema Khan was behind the crusade to force Shariah law on all non-Muslims in Canada by-proxy .
    So the NDP has a heluva nerve to suddenlt claim to be a fighter for Human Rights.

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