Apr 25 2007

Hamas never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity

Given that Canadians are currently involved in military operations against one group of extremists aspiring to a state in Afghanistan, it is instructive to see how a group with a similar ideological framework can simply ignore international condemnation, tear up peace agreements, blame the victim and go on the attack whenever they feel like it. NDP Leader Jack Layton and his adherents calling for negotiations with the Taliban really ought to be paying attention.

Just weeks after concluding a unity government deal with Fatah to induce the international community to end sanctions, Hamas has once again declared war.

For those who are keeping score, the international community imposed sanctions in the first place because of Hamas‘ ongoing terrorist links, after Palestinians fed up with Fatah corruption voted for Hamas as the only other political party available (since all moderate Palestinian politicians have already been co-opted by the extremist movements or executed as collaborators).

The international community didn’t actually ask for a unity government. They asked for Hamas to renounce violence and recognize existing peace agreements. That didn’t happen.

And now that Hamas has declared the ceasefire between itself and Israel nullified (which only makes sense, given constant rocket attacks on Israeli civilian centers since Hamas was elected), the sanctions have no hope of ending. It’s a tragedy for the Palestinians, Israel and everyone in the world who would rather that the world wasn’t such a violent place.

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