Apr 29 2007

Moving the Afghanistan debate forward

I attended a Thursday night debate in Vancouver’s Gastown over Canada’s role in Afghanistan. Author and panelist Terry Glavin has already summed up the event, and the larger debate, nicely on his own blog.

It is refreshing to see intelligent people able to really discuss the issues that need to be talked about (ie. what the role of Canada’s NATO allies ought to be, how we can conduct ourselves according to international law in a chaotic environment against a fanatical enemy, the opium trade, Pakistan, etc) rather than a watered-down sound-byte without any context (ie. should we stay or should we go). Most of the panel agreed that Canada and the world had to stay involved, since simply pulling out all foreign troops would result in a horrendous civil war.

But I couldn’t escape the feeling that the people who most needed to be there, the ones who believe that their own commitment to peace precludes the involvement of Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan, even if a pullout resulted in hundreds of thousands or millions of deaths in that country – did not attend.

It would be nice if we had reached a point in the national discussion where we could all at least agree with Terry Glavin and others on the following: The Taliban were and are as savage, cruel, misogynist, violent and cunning as any of the battalions the enemy has deployed, and the people of Afghanistan continue to suffer their depredations. Canada has been honoured with the privilege and the opportunity to be fighting this war on the side of the Afghan people, at the request of the Afghan people, shoulder to shoulder with the Afghan people.

But not everyone is quite there yet. That’s a shame.

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  1. on 29 Apr 2007 at 7:33 am

    So you were there to.Darn I wish we could have talked.
    Anyways one thing you might want to update your blog roll.
    My political stuff has now moved to


    is also still up,but I have decided to concentrate it on disAbility issues

  2. on 29 Apr 2007 at 3:16 pm

    Charles Adler nailed NDP MP Black big-time when she tried to boast about the visit she made to our troops it was Adler that said, Who Cares!

    MP Black was safe and secure on a Base amid a safe area with parimiter scouts and controlled roadways , she should have been parachuted in to a Taliban area and waved our Charter Of Rights at them to confirm we have “Peace in our time” and Chamberland did.

    The Liberals are now saying they aren’t for bringing home our troops in 09 , they only said the combat agreement will end in 09 and the AID and Re-construction and building should continue , as for the NDP , Taliban Jack is hedging his bets by voting to kkep the troops there to 09 but telling the Media his stance is to bring the troops home NOW.

    How can our troops win any debate when a Tax-funding propaganda machine like the CBC keeps spewing lies from the Islamists here in Canada and have backed the NDP and Liberals along with the CTV reporters that accept testimony from the Taliban while overtly assuming our troops are War-Criminals to start with and the onus is on them to prove they didn’t commit War-Crimes.

    Where were all these outraged Muslims in Canada that knew a Christian Canadian was falsely arrested and held in a Saudi jail while Bill Graham himself had said that Torture was needed to keep William Sampson alive because the Saudis had planned to behead him for blasphemy against Muhammed while in jail , Graham also asserted that Maher Arar had no proof or sign of injuries from Torture when Arar met with Canadian Officials in Syria during his time in prison.

    I’m concerned that Layton doesn’t have the brains to see that the Islamists and Jihadists in canada want to silently get in and control the NDP to have seats in Parliament like Hezbollah has in Lebanon, and then the suicide bombers can launch attacks from canada’s borders into the USA and hide among civilians as shields if they fire Rockets from apartments or the borders to hit civilians in US bordering States with Canada.

    We’ve already seen hezbollah murder a canadian UNIFIL peace-keeper , and we’ve seen the muted response by Muslims/Arabs/and Lebonese here in canada that used that murder to blame “The Jooooooos”.
    They want us dead folks , and the NDP is merely a useful-idiot to aid and abet in the terrorism and propaganda war to turn Canadians agaisnt the USA/Israel freedoms and Liberties so we are softened up to accept Jihad murders like on 9/11/01 and for canada to be the new Lebanon-west for Hezbollah .
    Muslims already call the new Terrorist detention prison “Gitmo-North” to incite young Muslims to Jihad in canada, and it makes good press in the Middle East for more Jihadists to come here as Refugees like Ahmed Ressam who lived off welfare as a criminal that knew he couldn’t be deported because of Torture back home.

    Layton was the idiot screaming about how Maher Arar was innocent until proven guilty and should be afforded all the Rights in the Charter, except now Layton and MP Black want to apply that Charter to the Taliban but not our Troops who are convicted in the Media as Arar was and also the NDP has gone further by the claims of War-crimes .

  3. on 29 Apr 2007 at 6:28 pm

    Sorry I missed the opportunity to meet with you. I’m sure it would have been an interesting conversation. Another time, perhaps. In any case, I’ll get on to adapting my blogroll right away. Cheers.

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