May 03 2007

No end in sight for Darfur

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The Darfur genocide will not end.

That’s because the government of Sudan will never allow United Nations forces to send an armed force strong enough to stop the carnage. Even if the regime did finally give in to international pressure, Al Queda and its allies have already promised to turn such a mission into another Iraq.

I spoke to Darfurian refugees at a rally in Vancouver on the weekend. They said they wanted aid – economic, military, whatever the international community could provide.

Many people at the rally were even calling for Canada to send troops to lead a mission – hopefully not the exact same people who are calling for a Canadian withdrawal from Afghanistan – perhaps believing that a Sudan mission would more resemble our past operation in Cyprus than our current efforts in Kandahar province.

We are tied down in Afghanistan, and will be until 2009. International troops in that country, including Canadians, are the only thing preventing a civil war killing potentially millions. Sudan can’t wait until 2009.

Unfortunately, they may have to.

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One Response to “No end in sight for Darfur”

  1. on 14 May 2007 at 7:43 pm

    The Middle Eastern Muslim world and the Arab League in particular, have stood in the way of all U.N. efforts to stop the Muslim Khartoum government of Sudan from carrying out its genocide against the Christians and Animists living in the Southern Sudanese Darfur region.

    An informative article, “About The Arab Stance Vis-à-vis Darfur” by
    Nadim Hasbani in Al-Hayat can be found at the following site:

    The Arab League’s enabling the Muslim Sudanese government to continue its horrific genocidal atrocities in Darfur is a fact that the West fails to openly speak of and deal with.

    The Arab League by putting up roadblocks to the UN taking action, is aiding and abetting the Muslim Khartoum Sudanese government in carrying out its genocidal war against Christian and Animist civilians.

    The reasons for the Arab League’s position are pretty obvious. The reasons for the West’s feckless efforts in this regard are pretty obvious as well.

    The Muslim Sudanese government and their enablers such as the Arab League must be held to account and made to pay dearly for this monstrous evil.

    Unless the West unites and screws up its courage to speak truths and act on those truths without reservation and equivocation as regards the Sudanese Muslim government and the Arab League, this genocide will continue.

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