May 11 2007

Mickey Mouse does jihad

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I attended a rally in Vancouver protesting Israel’s occupation and the Canadian government’s implicit support of Israel through the allowance of the Jewish National Fund’s charitable status while doing research for a story on the local divestment campaign against Israel.

Many of the people attending seemed to have genuine concerns about human rights and the plight of the Palestinian people. But very few were even willing to acknowledge ongoing Palestinian violence and propaganda directed at Israelis, except as a lamentable but ultimately understandable reaction to Israeli actions. “Obviously, this kind of action (suicide bombings, violence) wouldn’t be acceptable heeere,” one rally participant said before his words trailed off, implicitly stating that it would be acceptable against Israelis, civilians or otherwise, if it was carried out under the umbrella term of “resistance”.

I wonder how many of the rally participants have seen the latest Mickey Mouse jihad video off of Palestinian children’s television. One-sided protests against Israeli checkpoints and land grabs, remaining silent on Palestinian mass brainwashing and suicide bombings is a Mickey-Mouse mistake for people professing to be concerned about human rights.

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