May 21 2007

Fortress Americanada

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Canadians must agree on shared border and security measures with the United States to ensure we still have pull with our southern neighbor, according to the right-aligned think tank, the Fraser Institute.

Apparently, the Fraser Institute’s consultants have all had their head stuck in the sand for the past year and a half. We have a Conservative government in power that shares at least some values with its Republican counterparts – at least as much as Canadians will stomach. Our soldiers are supporting in a significant way the American-led UN mission in Afghanistan. We also have NORAD. The only gaping hole in our border security is a lack of firepower for American badasses on their way north. Meanwhile, the American border guards, plus their helicopters and satellite surveillance, already have their side covered.

If we don’t have pull with the White House now with regard to lumber, beef or any other of our exports that American corporate interests would like to shut out, the Fraser Institute can hardly blame Canadians for that. Old fashioned economic nationalism – on America’s part – is hurting us.

The above video shows NORAD in action, by the way.

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