May 23 2007

When even Hezbollah thinks you’re too extreme, it’s time to call it quits

With Palestinian terrorists sitting on a huge stockpile of weapons and planning imminent attacks, the army’s patience has run out. Armored vehicles cordon off chokepoints and the camps are besieged by waves of infantry.

The thunder of artillery announces the start of the attack. Artillery shells slam into buildings, causing the fragile structures to cave in on the army’s militant targets as well as innocent bystanders. A United Nations relief convoy is attacked as a tenuous cease-fire ends mere minutes after it begins.

Arab countries condemn the violence and send weapons and support to… the army?

Yup. But it isn’t the Israeli army. Lebanese forces are fighting Palestinian militants who have turned a refugee camp into Fatah Islam’s terrorist base. Tellingly, the Lebanese are doing so with the support of Arab governments and even have the backing of uber-Islamic militant group Hezbollah (for the simple reason that Hezbollah are Shia and Fatah Islam are Sunni. Can’t all the nutjobs just get along?)

Meanwhile, Israelis are fighting Palestinian terrorists in Gaza that have launched about 150 rockets at Israeli civilian centers just this week.

Arab television network managers must be having an awful time trying to maintain their usual balanced perspective to current events in the Middle East.

At this rate, Palestinians hoping to win their state through violent resistance can count on achieving their goal sometime in the fifth millenium.

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