May 31 2007

Political penguins will be Terminated

There will be critics who note a disconnect as California Governor Arnold Schwartzenegger’s promotes his lofty vision about protecting the environment to Canadians. The sprawling freeways and car culture of major Californian cities, superbly demonstrated in Los Angeles, is the antithesis of Vancouver Mayor Sam Sullivan’s policy of densely a densely-populated metropolis where cars are an option, not a necessity.

High Californian auto emission standards, the highest in North America, are also a bit of a misleading subject – there are no car manufacturers in the state that would have to build cars to those specifications.

But the Governator inherited his state’s freeways and smog-choked cities. At least he’s saying the right things. It’s a stark contrast with the American president, who has had his head stuck in the oil sands on the issue of global warming since he took office.

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One Response to “Political penguins will be Terminated”

  1. on 31 May 2007 at 5:20 pm

    Sam Sullivan is an idiot and for many of us cars are a necessity not a luxury, not everyone works in an office or even in the same area daily, you might know us as the tradesmen, miners, loggers, farmers and others who actually keep this province running.
    People in offices just distribute, sell, trade and profit by what we bring to the table.
    PS. CO2 does not contribute to the warming of the globe nor is it a pollutant so what are you people really doing other than help to create another layer of bureaucrats and a new tax regime?
    Fools all of you MMGHG types.
    Playing right into the one world government bozo’s hands.

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