Jun 05 2007

Please refrain from spitting on the bus driver

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Courtesy of an astute local TV news team, one Vancouver bus driver is caught on video spitting on a transit passenger, pushing him and acting in a threatening manner.

The bus driver says he is reacting to the fare-evading passenger’s own abusive, threating behavior, and claims that his own free-flowing spit assault is really just retaliation for the man’s own gob attack, occuring just moments earlier (off camera).

Seems pretty plausible, given the hundreds of assaults on local bus drivers by unrepentant scum that are reported every year. It’s hard to imagine a driver flipping out like this for anything less.

It’s sad. But far from seeing this as an example of how low our society has fallen, I come at it from a different perspective: if this were the so called Enlightenment age of Western civilization, the driver and passenger could very well have died in a duel with daggers drawn. If harsh language and hurt feelings are all that has really occurred here, then our modern civilization isn’t doing so badly. The system works.

Of course, it would be nice if everyone could keep their spit in their mouths from now on.

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One Response to “Please refrain from spitting on the bus driver”

  1. on 06 Jun 2007 at 1:50 pm

    Ew. Spitting is never good. I take the bus downtown every day and I see people give the bus drivers grief all the time. I think being a bus driver is not a fun job at all.

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