Jul 11 2007

Our true north strong and free of pesky Danes

Canada is sending a flotilla of patrol ships to guard our sacred Arctic watersagainst… Denmark?

Granted, if global warming ever unleashes the vast treasure trove of raw resources that is our northern frontier, we might have a little more competition to deal with. And in that case, our hold on the new Northwest Passage will pretty much depend on a simple lack of enthusiasm on the part of the Russian and American blue water navy sailors to freeze their naughty bits.

There is a case to be made for sending a token force up to secure our country’s territory. Strangely, those who disparage the cost of the mission are often the same people who condemn our creeping loss of sovereignty to our southern neighbor.

In any case, let’s keep our country safe from the Vikings and other scourges of the high seas. If anyone is going to freeze their extremities off for ice-encased oil and diamonds in a region clearly unfit for most human beings, it better be us.

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