Jul 13 2007

Anyone remember the One Tonne Challenge? Anyone?

We may be closer to nature in Canada’s green jewel on the west coast, but the latest numbers just don’t back up all of our environmentally-friendly pretensions.

Just 23 per cent of Vancouver homes compost, 4 per cent less than the national average and a whopping 17 per cent less than in Victoria (yeah, island dwellers have even more reason to manage their environment carefully, but still…). The numbers on switching over to lower-energy light bulbs is comparatively better.

The City of Vancouver has a great website and community engagement vehicle for tips about how to make little changes to your lifestyle to help save the planet. Planet huggers can check out One Day for more information.

Keep it clean, keep it green.

(The video above shows Lois of Family Guy cartoon fame stumbling on a fabulous idea for generating financial support for environmental initiatives)

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