Jul 16 2007

Vancouver: where New Yorkers go for fresh air

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This just in, courtesy of the New York Times: Vancouver’s a fun, quirky, beautiful place to be!

Um, well, yeah, we knew that already. Nice to see the writeup, anyway (brought to my attention by Vancouver blogger and loud murmurer David Drucker). Seems like every other week, I’m reading another testament to our Pacific Metropolis’ scenic views, verdant green spaces, funky neighborhoods, not to mention our uber-cool, laid-back west coast citizens.

Thanks for the recognition, y’all. It’s an honor to be your North American tourism mecca – uh, outside New York City, of course.

Take that, Cleveland, Ohio!

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One Response to “Vancouver: where New Yorkers go for fresh air”

  1. on 16 Jul 2007 at 2:50 am

    Yes, Vancouver is beautiful and green and quite scenic. But it’s far from laid back, quite the opposite so, and crowded so that one always feels claustrophobic unless one goes into the mountains. The rains are relentless during the winter, and the past two weeks have been particularly hot and smoggy.

    It’s a wonderful city, but the unprecedented construction in the past 10 years has created a ceaseless “disturbance”. For every pro the city has, there is an equal con. It’s phenomenally, ridiculously expensive for housing, and the cost of living is somewhere around outrageous. Gasoline is the highest in Canada, and the gridlock makes one want to jump off the Lion’s Gate.

    So… I think your article needs a little sour with all that sweet.

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