Jul 31 2007

Canada plugging the brain drain

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Canada’s best and brightest are going where the opportunity is: right here in the true north.

The brain drain to the US is finally slowing to a trickle, Vancouver blogger and technologist David Drucker points out, with Vancouver Sun in hand. Indeed, Americans are coming Canadians in increasing numbers. Will the movement of gray matter finally reverse itself entirely?

Probably, right around the time that the Canadian dollar reaches parity with the US greenback. Right now, the USA is the number one target for bad guys all over the world, with a declining economy and increasingly unrepresentative political system.

Canada has its own set of problems, but whether it’s the economy, politics or just the ability to stay out of the firing line no matter where our foreign policy goes, the smart money seems to be on Canada these days. If anyone has a reputation for following the smart money, it’s our southern neighbors.

Just like Microsoft testing the waters in Vancouver, it’s a sign of the times.

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