Aug 03 2007

Polygamy: illegal, or just really gross?

I jumped the gun on assuming our BC prosecutors were finally going to take action against a polygamists sect living in their own little version of paradise not far from Vancouver. Not gonna happen.

In fairness, it has already been years since anyone in the media started really paying attention to the issue. I can’t be the only wild-eyed optimist out there.

We have had a law against polygamy since 1892. But prosecutors are reluctant to press charges against the people of Bountiful, BC, fearing they might run into a conflict with the Canadian Charter right of religious freedom.

I’m not sure where our prosecutors went to law school, but there’s really a simple way around the problem: don’t charge the accused of breaking our polygamy laws.

Frankly, if fully-grown, non-brainwashed adults were voluntarily consenting to church-blessed perpetual threesomes, I could care less.

But the allegations are that the adults are indoctrinating their young and marrying off brainwashed young female teenagers with senior church members, thereby facilitating and institutionalizing abusive relationships. We do have laws against that sort of thing.

If the rumors about Bountiful are true, the authorities have already waited too long. To paraphrase Homer Simpson, that isn’t Canada… That’s not even Utah.

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2 Responses to “Polygamy: illegal, or just really gross?”

  1. on 03 Aug 2007 at 3:02 pm

    it’s pretty simple really. polygamy promotes gender inequality, a direct violation of the charter of rights. end of story.

  2. on 07 Aug 2007 at 5:42 pm

    No, not really end of story. From an evolutionary perspective, human beings are a semi-polygamous species and actually there are times where polygamy is better for women (sometimes it’s better to have part of a wealthy man’s resources than all of a poor man’s) whereas it’s always a more risky arrangement for men, since many inevitably end up with no reproductive possibilities at all.

    Our semi-polygamous status is part of the reason there’s so much more genetic variation among men (more geniuses, more nutballs). Making a baby boy is more like buying a lottery ticket, where as making a girl is like an investment.

    Currently, polygamy and gender inequality seem to go hand in hand, but I question whether that’s inherent.

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