Aug 12 2007

Quick! Support free speech for jihad!

Next up, Osama bin Ladin could use a big hanging banner from Harbor Center in downtown Vancouver. Any takers?

Commuters in the city of Windsor nearly spilled their coffee on their laps this week as they passed by a giant billboard depicting Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah. His face overlooks a caption reading “Lebanese and Arab communities in Windsor city congratulate the Lebanese people for their steadfastness and endeavor to establish peace in Windsor.”

That’s odd. Hezbollah is outlawed as a terrorist entity in Canada.

Yes, Hezbollah does fund social programs in southern Lebanon. They also commit kidnappings, assassinations and bombings.

If I donated a large chunk of my income to Human Rights Watch and also happened to regularly murder people, I wouldn’t be known as a human rights activist. Likewise, a terrorist organization like Hezbollah ought not to be receiving PR on a giant billboard in Windsor.

By the way, why does the Lebanese community in Windsor need to endeavor to establish peace in Windsor? I didn’t realize Ontario was an ethnic-religious conflict zone.

(Thanks to conservative blogger Celestial Junk for the link to this story).

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3 Responses to “Quick! Support free speech for jihad!”

  1. on 13 Aug 2007 at 12:19 am

    “I didn’t realize Ontario was an ethnic-religious conflict zone.”
    Give it time. Ayaan Ali’s description of the Dutch in “Infidel” sounds like Canada. We let things like this slide at our own peril.

  2. on 13 Aug 2007 at 8:52 pm

    Hussein Dabaja of Windsor Ontario is an ardent supporter of the Hezbollah, whom he believes are simply resistance fighters and not a terrorist group which they have been designated by Canada and many other Western nations.

    CBS Outdoor, part of the CBS conglomerate offers customers billboard space, usually for manufacturers and retailers to advertise their wares.

    It looks like CBS Outdoor will also take the money from a person such as Dabaja who wishes to use CBS Outdoor billboard space to applaud Hezbollah and their leader Nasrallah for the radical Islamist terrorist work they do.

    Dabaja no doubt loves his life in Windsor, Ontario and all the freedoms and advantages Canada provides him.

    It looks however like his heart is really with the radical Islamic Hezbollah.

    Dabaja is just one more example of a member of our multicultural society who has exercised his right to freedom of speech to broadcast his admiration for evil radical Islamic terrorists who do nothing but fill all right thinking Canadians who possess decent Canadian values, with disgust.

  3. on 14 Aug 2007 at 12:20 am

    Word has it that CBS Outdoor responded the the wave of objections it received and the billboard was taken down this morning.

    While questions may be asked of CBS Outdoor as to why they would have allowed themselves to be used for pro Islamic terrorist propaganda by this Hussein Dabaja, at least they had the good sense to put a stop to it when they realized just how offensive Hussein Dabaja is to Canadian ideals and values.

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